The strategic position AU should take to promote Intra-Africa trade

Paullette Ndungu
1 min readJun 28, 2021

One of its central goals is to boost African economies by harmonizing trade liberalization across subregions and at the continental level. As a part of the ACFTA, countries have committed to removing tariffs on 90 percent of goods. According to the U.N. Economic Commission on Africa, intra-African trade is likely to increase by 52.3 percent under the ACFTA and will double upon the further removal of non-tariff barriers.

Foster a more competitive manufacturing sector and promote economic diversification.

Accelerate the industrial development of Africa. The CFTA would significantly break down barriers between African countries Facilitate free movement of people and services across the borders.

There needs to be a diversification of goods produced by African countries. This way one country is able to buy what they don't have from somewhere else and vice versa.

There need to be better custom policies that will enable business people across the continent to do business without paying a lot of taxes. It will become easier for a person to trade with another in the African continent. This will create a market pull where African countries trade with one another without exporting goods and services outside the continent.

Conflict being a major barrier to trade in Africa, the African governments need to adapt to progressive policies that will prevent conflict in the continent and that states can trade with each other.