The challenge of Philosophy to political and moral existence was posed by Aristophanes. All the Classical thinkers were aware of this challenge and responded in different ways. They differ, but one approach is the best.

Both religion and governmental issues have one shared objective: procuring political force and using it to satisfy their points. Nonetheless, to accomplish this item, their strategies are unique. Religion activates the strict sensibilities of individuals to get their help to catch power. Simultaneously, legislative issues utilize interest, discretion, and discloses endeavor to win assessment either fairly, if the framework permits it, or usurps power with armed force assistance if the general public is immature and in reverse.

The government does not make the rights to be ensured by everyday society; they exist essentially and are preceding government, although legislatures are essential to make sure about them. In this way, the political organization exists to ensure the equivalent security of the equal privileges of all who agree to be represented. Yet, stress that every individual who decides to turn into an individual from everyday society appreciates the equivalent security of his privileges while simultaneously causing the commitment to ensure the rights of his kinsmen.

The best response to the challenge of philosophy to political and moral existence is a man living his intended nature by living according to his virtues and not doing wrong to other people. The association between the prosperity of the political network and that of the residents who make it up, his conviction that residents should effectively take an interest in legislative issues if they are to be glad and temperate, and his examination of what causes and forestalls upset inside political networks have been a wellspring of motivation for some contemporary scholars, particularly those discontent with the liberal political way of thinking



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