Prevention And Intervention Programs For Juvenile Offenders.

The presence of evidence-based reform is a new concept that still needs to be embraced by researches. For evidence-based reform to be put in place scientists and policymakers all need to work hand in hand (Greenwood, 2009). The article is evidence-based as Edwood uses tables that show research conclusions and findings on the various subtopics.

Some of the elements of the most successful programs are those that prevent youth from engaging in delinquent behaviors in the first place. Another element Greenwood also discusses community-based programs that can distract first-time lawbreakers from further encounters with the justice system. The most successful community programs emphasize family interactions and provide skills to the adults who supervise and train the child. One of the arguments in the article is a problem faced by agencies that have capitalized on appropriate evidence-based teaching for their staff while competitors who claim to be offering the same without all the costs associated with evidence-based programs (Greenwood, 2008).

I feel they may be reluctant to implement some of the programs despite there been evidence of their effectiveness because some people refuse to distinguish the difference between fact and opinion. On most occasions, it takes about a year or two to implement some of these evidence-based programs, making it a bit hard to implement. The article using statical evidence to determine whether a program is effective or not may sometimes not be effective due to flaws in the design chart used. In conclusion, I think it’s important to have a discipline addressing the needs of the minority because they are placed in different situations and circumstances. Because they are a minority means they are not included in the discipline. These programs can be improved by offering inclusive follow-up guidance, ensuring all Juvenile offenders while incarcerated receive quality education (Lipsey, 2009) on juvenile offenders to ensure they blend back in society.



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