Negative effects of cringe-worthy content on social media.

Online cringe culture is most likely to be seen as a joke; many people on the internet lack self-awareness. In most cases, this culture is encouraged and excited because people who lack self-awareness feel triggered by cringe-worthy posts. In this context, cringe-worthy posts are likely to trigger a person who is not when self-aware in the case of TiK ToK, a person who posts content to express themselves. However, this content can be seen by people who have not mastered the art of self-awareness.

In most cases, once this content gets views by this kind of people, they react to it with hatred and send mean comments or videos responding to the content posted. Search contents may end up trending since the platform allows individuals to record themselves, reacting to content another person has posted. Moreover, with the era of social media and increased use of Tik-Tok during the pandemic, it may be challenging to see mean comments on the contents. If a person posts mean comments and gets most like them because of their popularity, it gained from the comments.

I do agree people get bullied all the time for posting cringe-worthy content. Cringeworthy posts, in this case, mean posts the viewers may find to be embarrassing. Such content may have been created for entertainment purposes may end up being used for a purpose other than the intended.

It is so easy to cross the line between reacting to content in the form of it being a joke or reacting in a way to hurt the feeling of a content creator. Therefore, the content creators end up been trolled. The bullying in the comment section is sometimes done as a joke, with no motive other than commenting for fun. However, such comments end up being viral and hurting the content creator.



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