How media reports on Bushfires in Australia

Individuals rely on media outlets to first receive any information regarding bushfires. Media is usually the fastest way to relay this information. However, the way media portrays this information is sometimes biased, as seen in. This information’s reporting is usually different across different media as others are either left weaning or right weaning. The way the press shares the news and the headline they use forms people’s perception of a bush fire, as many people do not read the fine details.

In media interviews involving fire, the focus is the role of climate change in the fires but no account of the economic impact the fire has on Australia. Bushfires lead to damage to the infrastructure and cripple the economy as the pollution creates an economic standstill. I have chosen news Articles from mainly the Guardian, New York Times, and Asia Pacific times as they both have different ideologies. Asia Pacific times do not account for the political ideologies regarding bushfires in Australia.

Further, suggestions from a news article from the Guardian claimed that arson was the leading cause of fire in Australia during summer. According to claimed arson was responsible for bushfires without considering that it only causes 4% of the fire. However, the article fails to explain why arson is the leading cause despite there being no property destroyed during the attack but just the burning of mass land. Chan says that media has led misinformation on the cause of bushfires. Portraying arson as the cause of bushfires neglects awareness of the impact climate change has on bushfires’ rampant causes. In the Climate, council (Council, 2019), it is essential to note that they do not give an account of arson-related fires during summer but instead focus on arson-caused fires that occur annually. The lack of mentioning the impact climate change has on the fires fails to prevent future catastrophes.

As reported by local media, fire incidences in Australia show that half of the fires that occur are because of lightning Further, suggested is how dry lightning causes these fires due to the climate conditions. Lucas explains (Chris, L, 2007) failure to view the impact of climate change on the reoccurring fires may prevent the occurrence of future catastrophes. Media reports on bushfires by most media sources use wording that collectively shows how bushfires are because of climatic changes. The wording and use of dry storm lightning show how climate change and bush fires are related, as seen in Reutters (Staff, 2020).

A conclusive summary is given on how the process of forming a bolt of lightning. An n in-depth expiation is given by (Gibbens, S. 2020)whereby; the clouds are literally a huge storm that occurs as the extreme temperatures from a fire causes air to rise dramatically, pulling in cooler air. The collision of these air partials builds an electric charge that causes lightning. The media is quick to show how the Australian government collectively the conservatives fail to recognize the role bushfires have on the environment and is just not a normal occurrence. In another article by Reutters (Staff, 2020) they explain how the leaders are unmoved on the climate action.

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