Examples of Digital technology used in combating Covid-19.

Artificial Intelligence has been useful in the way the virus is tracked and contained thereby, saving lives. Artificial intelligence was the first to give warnings of the virus although it underestimated its danger. Artificial Intelligence systems gave warnings of how the virus had spread beyond Wuhan China. Canadian epidemiologist first raised warning of the virus, using an algorithm that scanned airline tickets to predicted spread.

Artificial intelligence can track the symptoms of the virus. This is through wearable sensors and robots. This robot can be able to scan lungs for the signs of the virus and also monitor changing body temperature. AI is able to predict new cases by analysis of a vast amount of data. AI by the use of drones and robots it was possible to deliver Medical Supplies and also disinfect rooms of infected patients. It is through this that a vaccine can be easily discovered through true AI and digital technologies to come up with molecules that will be used as potential medication and also the development of a vaccine. With it becomes easier to track any fake news that circulates regarding the virus by scanning Media. Robots that are a form of the new digital technologies can easily track people who are not wearing masks in public and help in the enforcement of those that try to go against the measures put in place to ensure con containment of the virus… It is important to note that the effectiveness of the use of AI in digital Technology can be effective only if human involvement is done with regard to ethical safeguards.

The presence of open-source technologies is crucial in the way data is shared concerning red and the origin of the virus. Open-source Technologies allow scientists across the world to share Any new developments regarding treatment and waxing developments Most of this data collection is coordinated by an international organization to help facilitate sharing of research data as well as sharing of blueprints regarding the production of equipment used in both containment and treatment this may include; face mask face shield ventilators and also thermometers. Digital Technologies have the feature of having a large database and open source technologies are an example as they offer a platform where large data regarding new development is shared.

Telehealth technologies have become vital as the enforcement of measures such as stay at home that reduced pressure on hospitals to flatten the curve in the rise of new viruses have proven essential. This new technology allows patients to be seen and diagnosed from the comfort of their homes. This can be done through video calls and phone calls as it’s important since it reduces the transmission rate of the virus and also it is readily available. This is in the sense that a patient has instant access to a doctor which will have not been the same in hospitals there has been a new development whereby patients are able to check if they have Covid-19 symptoms online. This is a cheaper method as patients do not incur any costs through a phone call.

The use of drones as an example of the digital technologies being used in the containment of covid-19 is important. Throughout the pandemic, drones have proven essential in disinfection of Streets enforcement of measures delivery of medical Supplies carrying out aerial thermal scanning. In enforcement, drones are used in ensuring containment and social distancing measures. This is in order to flatten the car in the increase in the spread of the virus. It has also ensured essential service providers such as health workers and police are not exposed to the virus. Moreover, drones are used in the delivery of Medical Supplies in areas where there are large numbers of infected people. They also deliver food supplies in remote areas and places where people are quarantined.

Like drones, robots are another digital Technology that has been used during the pandemic. Robots are used to ensure people exercise social distancing. Developers have also programmed them in a way that they can offer services to those that quarantine and those in hospitals where the medical personnel may be pressured due to the large numbers. They can deliver food and medication to patients, take temperatures, and also work as medical assistance. This reduces any human-to-human contact and exposure to the virus. Creating a safer environment when in hospitals for health workers by decreasing exposure to the virus. They have proven effective in disinfecting sensitive areas that could lead to infection and contact with the virus. Different robots carry out different functions, others kill germs and others are used as medical assistance to deliver medicine to patients in w.ards and also take temperatures.

In an effort to contain the largest human virus to ever exist. International organizations and pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to come up with the treatment to convert the virus. Currently, there is no treatment or vaccine for the virus. Gene editing technologies have been on the rise to try to diagnose and come up with a treatment for the virus. It took approximately two weeks for the scientist to isolate the virus and figure out its genetic makeup. The discovery of the genetic makeup could aid in the establishing of the origin and the spread of the virus. 60 days later after coming up with the Gene makeup of the virus they are 20 coronavirus vaccine is still in development. The first phase of the clinical trial has begun however a lot needs to be done since the boxing cream be used on a majority of the population. Gene editing Technologies offer the pathogen to improve diagnosis or even provide a new way to treat the virus.

The use of this technology has proven effective with the containment process of this virus. However, there is an increase in the legality question of how effective and ethical the use of this technology is our example of the use of Robots. In regards to the sharing of data through open-source Technologies public interest is in question in regards to the collection process who’s the owner of the data collected is in question as also the safety of the data. The inability of low and developing countries to be able to attain and maintain the technologies available is also in question this is because of lack of adequate financing and Resources.

Case study of how technology is used.

China has been able to stop new infections by the use of technology. The origin of the coronavirus was from China. China is known to have a large database that they collect from its citizens. They were able to use technology by installing biometrics scanners at the entry point of residential complexes. One was required to sign in and out during the entrance or exit of the complex. The availability of contactless cards reduces contact associated with the exchange of money. The presence of surveillance camera across the country easily identified person nearby that that had been infected

The use of AI technology made it easier for the government to track people who had contracted the virus. They were also able to know the number of people who had come in contact with a person who had been infected. True AI technology people could easily see the geographical reach of the Infection the police force was able to monitor congested areas that are accessible to the public. These drones made it easier to monitor the construction of makeshift hospitals.

The use of a sophisticated surveillance network by the Chinese government lead to the development of a color-coded health rating system. The mobile app was used in collaboration with Alibaba to determine whether a person should be quarantined or allowed to access public areas. If an individual had a green color code it meant guaranteed access to public spaces. This access includes metro stations and malls’ full stop besides there were checkpoints where the courts were checked and also the temperature was checked. The system was so popular that it was used in 200 Chinese cities. However, the app could be used to monitor movements as it became easier to tell if one had been in contact with an infected person.

There was the use of self-driven peoples that’s why use the delivery essential goods and medicine the vehicles could be used to deliver essential supplies two big hospitals and makeshift ones. The vehicles will also be used in disinfecting streets and hospitals.

Another case study is how Singapore used technology or rather is using technology to fight Coronavirus. The population of Singapore is approximate 6 million, which is a lot for its small size. Singapore is one of the countries that has placed the importance of the use of robotic technology in medicine. The country already uses surgical robots to perform surgeries. Following the break of the coronavirus patients who were admitted in court, it was served their meals and education using robots. The use of robots was important in reducing the number of people who come into contact with a virus. Not only did this reduce the number of health workers required to work in hospitals, it also prevented the overworking of health workers. Robots were essential since they can be used to work round the clock without being susceptible to fatigue.

Not only was the use of robots efficient the development of automated temperature screening machines made it easier to take the temperature. It made social distancing easier as people did not have to queue in order to get the temperature taken. The automated temperature machine was seen to be more essential in comparison to the use of a manual thermometer. It also alerts the staff of high temperatures of people. This also meant reducing contacts between the Frontline workers and persons suspected to contract the virus.

The availability of digital resources being accessible to the public made it easier to trace the transmission of the virus. People could easily get information that we got some of them about the virus. The availability of data regarding the transmission of the virus made it easy for organizations and developers to critically analyze the data to come up with solutions. The countries investments in technology made it easier for the technological development of herbs and automated temperature screening machines.

Singapore develops a wearable contact tracing technology that enables the tracing of a virus. The device Psalms as complementary to the contact tracing app that already existed. All users have to carry one and the battery lasts up to nine months. The device was first given to the bone trouble who might not have access to the app. the device can be easily carried in the pocket or the back. The made it easier for people to get quarantined.

Technology has played a great role in responding to Coronavirus. The ability of the virus to be transmitted has challenged existing traditional methods that exist in the health sector. The rise of coronavirus emerging technologies present and upcoming have changed the economic social and demographic shift of our world. There has been a major shift towards reliance on the digital world as a result of lockdowns and social distancing. During the pandemic, technology played a crucial role in ensuring people remain connected and went along with their daily lives. For instance, through technology that people have learned the lesson of having video calls in comparison to one-on-one meetings. Productivity has increased for the working population due to the reduced amount of time used commuting.

In conclusion, technology made it easier to manage the pandemic. It is through the use of technology that it has become easier to monitor and reduce the rate of infection. The process of screening for temperature and also lung screening has been made easier into technology. AI and surveillance cameras enabled monitoring the movement of people making it easier for contact tracing to take place. Contact lens delivery services have been made easier as a result of the use of technology. The pandemic has taught us the importance of investing in technological advancement programs that could be sensual in managing and predicting the occurrence of a similar pandemic in the future.



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