Paullette Ndungu
9 min readApr 30, 2021

Domestication of Snakes

The research paper will be examining the puzzle behind having snakes as house pets. The research will precisely be focusing on why snakes are domesticated and the purpose of having a snake. Is owning a snake for thrill purposes or is it for those that seek to have a snake for the ownership of an exotic animal. I will be trying to understand what people get from having snakes as pets. I tend to believe people keep snakes as pets for the adrenaline that comes from having a snake as a pest considering how dangerous it is.

I believe this worth exploring because I as well as others would like to know and understand the thought process of an individual who keeps a snake as a pet. What are some of the things that would be a motivating factor for a person to keep a reptile as dangerous as a snake as a reptile? This is a puzzle hard to juggle because it becomes hard to categorize a snake as either safe or unsafe. Many of those domesticated snakes have turned out to be dangerous to the people who keep them. It is like people are trying to prove that snakes are ornamental as well as easily domesticated dangerous reptiles. The uncertainty of how a snake will react in the long run is what makes keeping snakes interesting for adrenaline junkies.

High-sensation seekers spend their lives in the pursuit of this evanescent feeling. Low-sensation seekers spend their time actively trying to avoid adventures and new experiences. Most of us often fall in the middle of this scale of thrill measurement. The simple act of solely focusing on one thing is what brings along thrill. In our case, some people get thrilled from keeping exotic, dangerous reptiles. The thrill and the history of the domestication of snakes date back to the 18th century.

Interestingly, snakes are most survive better in Eastern and Native American culture, this may be because individuals in these regions were more likely to be characteristically connected with reptiles. Numerous Native American clans viewed snakes to be figurative for productiveness or healing. The flaking of the skin was a revivification. In Chinese folklore, Fuxi and Nuwa are divinities associated with the creation legend. They are half-human and half-snake; the divine forces of human creation, chasing, and fishing. Snakes shield the Buddha from the components after his edification. Various snake divine beings (nagas) are available in Buddhism and Hinduism in defensive jobs.

Dating back to the Judeo-Christian occasions, they didn’t get good press. A snake initially shows up in the Garden of Eden when it persuades Eve to attempt prohibited natural product from the Tree of Knowledge, prompting the ruin of humankind. In later writing, snake-like mythical serpents are killed to guard the honor of a reasonable lady. Milton portrays Satan and devils as serpentine in Paradise Lost. Holy person Patrick is most notable for driving the snakes out of Ireland.

It is important to understand that snakes have adapted to different kinds of environments helps stress the need to keep snakes at home every effort should be made to ensure the similarity of the caged environment and behavior to that in the wild. This process does a lot of effort from the person domesticating the snake however it is a lot of fun. By learning more about the pet’s wild environment helps understand the animal better. Learning about snakes’ fun activities provides a lot of amelioration. For instance, Puzzle boxes can be used to enable them ‘To hunt’ for their defrosted food things while in their cages. This animates their brains and gets extra exercise. It likewise gives a pleasant test to add to the riddles and keep them viable with the practices. Different snakes chase in tunnels. Labyrinths function admirably for them.

To some people, snakes are like docile pets that unlike dogs that require walking and a lot of commitment they are easy to keep. Snakes eat at least once per week and do not require regular feeding. Unlike other pets such as dogs and cats, they do not require bonding time and one can easily have them to keep up their busy schedule. Snakes are neat as they do not mess the house and are content with staying in their tanks all day. Snakes are sometimes the worst pet to keep because they are hard to read and one may not know what it needs. While getting a snake it may be difficult to handle it because not all snakes are the same one may require a lot of research. This is because we may think all snakes automatically eat rodents but some solely feed on eggs.

Snakes are usually of figurative importance to some people that is why they chose to keep them. Snakes hold a certain charm for humans. They can outhouse their skins and apparently emerge reborn, so they are acknowledged with the representation of regeneration and immortality. The snake or serpent God in mythology represents fertility in many cultures. In many cultures, snake meaning is God and the snake symbol is adulated. However, snakes also emit venom, bite people, and can rescind. Hence, their role is that of the creator as well as a demolisher. Snake Goddess is linked with fertility and motherhood. In the Bible, the snake is pure evil and as it tempts Adam and Eve, it is called the principle of Evil.

Snakes pose a health risk to both human beings and children who occupy the same spaces as snakes. Snakes usually carry with them a bacteria called salmonella that causes bacterial infection in the human bloodstream. Snakes get it from consuming frozen mice and can be transmitted to humans by being in contact with a snake. Potential salmonella infection causes severe abdominal pain and diarrhea that can potentially cause one to poop themselves to death. Children under the age of five are at a higher risk of coming into contact with salmonella. Youngsters who had no contact with reptiles can likewise get tainted obliquely through the reptile controller or by the defilement of the weather.

In any case, Children can be interested and like to deal with and stroke pet reptiles, and accordingly their hands and fingers become debased. Added to this, children don’t have completely evolved resistant frameworks as are thusly at an expanded danger of turning out to be seriously sick after introduction to salmonella. Having a pet snake is also a dangerous health hazard as we risk getting zoonotic diseases. These are diseases that are transferrable from a reptile to a human being. An example of such a disease is Campylobacteriosis that may be transferred to you by a dear pet snake.

To reduce the spread of salmonella bacteria reptile owners are advised to continuously wash their hands completely with cleanser and water following taking care of your reptile, their pen, or some other gear, for example, drenching pools. Defrost solidified channels on paper or kitchen towels ideally for the time being, and away from food and food readiness surfaces and gear, and try not to defrost in warm water or microwave as this can prompt a danger of cross tainting. Continuously wash your hands altogether with cleanser and water following taking care of your reptile, specifically in the wake of taking care of crude solidified or defrosted mice, rodents or chicks. Guarantee that all surfaces that have come into contact with the defrosting food are cleaned completely subsequently. Not eat or drink while dealing with your reptile or its food and related gear. Constantly administer youngsters to guarantee that they don’t put your reptile or items that the reptile has been in contact with, close to their mouths, and wash their hands completely with cleanser and water following taking care of your reptile or such articles.

Snakes are one of the most feared reptiles. The fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias known to man. However, some people tend to keep them as pets in small glasses around the house in a small surrounding that is supposed to mimic the real habitat that a snake is supposed to be in while in the wild. These conditions are not favorable to these untamable reptiles therefore, the snakes are left powerless as they cannot avoid apparent dangers adds to snakes’ psychological misery. In this event many experience injury because of bombed get away from endeavors, the failure to investigate, appropriately control their internal heat level, or eat an adjusted eating routine. This stress and failure to adjust to the new environment can lead to the death of the snake and the owner. It is tragic that snake lovers because of more harm than good to these reptiles.

Snakes attacks the owner or caregivers sometimes as they try to escape from the condition in which they are. They do it in hopes of escaping captivity as they are wild animals that cannot be domesticated. Sometimes the attack is usually a response to something out of fear. It becomes to tell the reason for the attack of this strange reptile. It is difficult to predict when a snake is likely to attack or bites its owner.

There have been many cases when a snake killed its owner. Rendering to one case study the owner of the snake was strangled to death by the eight-foot snake that tried to strangle him. It did so causing suffocation to the owner leading to loss of consciousness within seconds. This is due to its constriction to the flow of blood. This is not accidental as snakes cannot show affection the same way other pets such as cats and dogs do. In another case, another fifty-four-year-old woman was attacked by a twenty-three-foot python as she was attending to her garden. The python was found lying at the banks of a river swollen by residents. On cutting the snake open the woman was found dead but unarmed. This means the snake had swallowed the woman whole. Researchers assumed that the destruction of the nearby forest had been the cause of the attack as there were fewer mammals left for the snake to prey on.

The psychological viewpoint as to why people see snakes as compromising improvements, bringing about quick passion and conduct reactions. Nonetheless, snake species vary in their actual degree of peril and are profoundly factor in appearance despite the uniform legless structure. Various snakes may summon dread or nauseate in people, or even the two feelings all the while. Snakes exhibit a huge morphological inconsistency with many different patterns, and these patterns are connected with specific human responses.

According to an article from Greater god magazine, the one thing that sets high sensation-seeking personalities apart. These personalities tend to crave these exotic and intense experiences despite the physical and social risks associated with achieving the thrill. There are fantastic advantages for those who crave thrills. Such people more often experience a sense of tranquility when skydiving and are likely to feel relaxed in circumstances where they feel highly pressured found all through research that exploration on high sensation hunters is that the day by day exercises they participate in give a feeling of wonder, that goosebumps-loaded inclination that we as a whole know. I have begun to consider them wonderment searchers.

In the wild, snakes assume an important function in the environment. They are hunters that are generally close to the highest point of the natural pecking order. Without their quality, rat and fowl populaces can detonate and deplete assets. Snakes in the wild are confronting various dangers from the pet exchange, environmental change, living space misfortune, and through and through butcher for the sake of dread. “Diamondback roundups” actually happen today. These are occasions where poisonous snakes are trapped in the wild and executed by the hundreds.

They are generally finished through no evidence that the populace is overfilled. Nearer to home, here in New England, wild snakes are being compromised by Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola, also called snake contagious infection. This parasite develops on wild snakes while they are resting. At the point when they rise in the spring, they can have contaminations in the skin, eyes, or lungs and can cause demise. If you need to enable you too can give to the moderates contemplating this illness. You can likewise ensure you receive pets that are hostage reared in most areas of late. Instructing individuals about the perplexing existences of these creatures and understanding the wellspring of dread can assist individuals with moving beyond this unreasonable dread and addition some sympathy and regard so they are secured for what’s to come.

Despite the symbolic meaning of having snakes and the easily manageable a snake is as a pet the disadvantages and risks of having it as a pet are many. By trying to domesticate pets it makes it harder for them to cope as they are naturally wild and cannot provide any form of comfort to humans. Snakes also Shane any for of human contact as they prefer to be left alone. They are as much hard to read and may act impulsively towards a person causing bodily harm. Most snakes that are domesticated more often than not end up neglected since they are low maintenance. They are left lying around in their glass tanks and sometimes just tossed out as trash. Most snakes usually die one year after they are bought from stores due to severe negligence. Somewhen put in these small glass habitats they are unable to fully stretch and enjoy their surroundings. Sustaining home snakes means continued butchering in the industry to sustain them.

The joy of learning and exploring the stretches of having a pet snake is short-lived. This is because it becomes difficult to tame this wild reptile. This is why there are more cases where the snake ends up eating the owner or the caregiver.