Paullette Ndungu

American founding fathers and hemp

George Washington was first interested in hemp as a cash crop however, he later only grew it for his plantation needs. He grew hemp in all his five plantations that made up Mout Vermont. The five farms were; Manson house, Dougue Ron farm, Muddy Hole Farm, and the Union Farm. According to a journal entry dated August 7th, 1765. He goes ahead and says it might have taken a little too long to separate the male and female hemp plant.

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of America he grew hemp in Monticello in Bedford county. He wrote extensively on the best cultivation practices for hemp during his life. He even invented a tool for hemp cultivation this was through a special brake tool that could be used in crushing hemp plant stems that could be used for processing fiber. In one instance he once said that hemp was a necessity and encouraged people to grow it. He added saying that hemp was essential in keeping the American Navy afloat.

John Adams was the second President of the United States America. He has been quoted saying hemp is important in the fields of arts. He advocated the growing of hemp as it is a multipurpose crop. In one of his famous writing, he also said we shall by and by want a world of hemp more for our own consumption. This statement is a clear indication that he was pro consumption of hemp other than the use of hemp as only a cash crop.

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