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Paullette Ndungu
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Domestication of Snakes

The research paper will be examining the puzzle behind having snakes as house pets. The research will precisely be focusing on why snakes are domesticated and the purpose of having a snake. Is owning a snake for thrill purposes or is it for those that seek to have a snake for the ownership of an exotic animal. I will be trying to understand what people get from having snakes as pets. I tend to believe people keep snakes as pets for the adrenaline that comes from having a snake as a pest considering how dangerous it is.

One of its central goals is to boost African economies by harmonizing trade liberalization across subregions and at the continental level. As a part of the ACFTA, countries have committed to removing tariffs on 90 percent of goods. According to the U.N. Economic Commission on Africa, intra-African trade is likely to increase by 52.3 percent under the ACFTA and will double upon the further removal of non-tariff barriers.

Foster a more competitive manufacturing sector and promote economic diversification.

Accelerate the industrial development of Africa. …

The implementation, enforcement, and monitoring of such agreements are very complex and more so in a place with poor regional coordination. When fully implemented, the CFTA will be a binding force and it will significantly impact how individual countries negotiate with the rest of the world in terms of trade agreements.

Presently,. each African country and the regional bloc has several trade agreements with other global markets; some of these agreements will have to be renegotiated to recognize the existence of the CFTA.

Under the CFTA, African leaders will have stronger bargaining power on all continental and global trade issues…

Create a single continental market for goods and services, with free movement of business persons and investments, and thus pave the way for accelerating the establishment of the Customs Union.

Expand intra-African trade through better harmonization and coordination of trade liberalization and facilitation and instruments across the RECs and across Africa in general.

Enhance competitiveness at the industry and enterprise level through exploitation of opportunities for scale production, continental market access, and better reallocation of resources•

Implementation of the Action Plan on Boosting Intra-African Trade (BIAT) provides a comprehensive framework to pursue a developmental regionalism strategy. …

The 18th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in January 2012, adopted a decision to establish a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) by an indicative date of 2017. The Summit also endorsed the Action Plan on Boosting Intra-Africa Trade (BIAT) which identifies seven clusters: trade policy, trade facilitation, productive capacity, trade-related infrastructure, trade finance, trade information, and factor market integration

The proposed Continental Free Trade Area (CTFA) for Africa is a market integration agreement that presents an equal opportunity open market to all participating countries in the region. The plan would substantially remove obstructions to the movement of goods and services across the continent at the initial implementation stage with the hope of progressing into a customs union with free movement of capital and business persons.

Ghana is the world's second-largest export for cocoa beans after Ivory Coast. The president made remarks saying that Ghana will not be exporting cocoa beans to Switzerland as the country is now focusing on exporting finished products compared to the exportation of raw materials such as gold and cocoa.

Cocoa has always been the backbone of Ghana’s economy for decades, providing a stream of revenue for the country’s 800,000 small-scale cocoa farmers, who account for 60% of the’s agriculture base. However, despite their contribution to Ghana’s advancement, many cocoa-farming families live in extreme poverty — mainly due to low cocoa…

Africa is the second-largest continent on earth, with the largest number of countries. Africa’s territory is almost the same size as Asia.

Africa has more say in the United Nations compared to what the majority may think. With, 54 seats in the UN which account for more than a quarter of the total UN members. Africa's strength was seen by the formation of the African Union. The AU has provided African countries with large bargaining power. The formation of AU was a clear indication that Africa is ready to come up with a solution for the problems and challenges it…

George Washington was first interested in hemp as a cash crop however, he later only grew it for his plantation needs. He grew hemp in all his five plantations that made up Mout Vermont. The five farms were; Manson house, Dougue Ron farm, Muddy Hole Farm, and the Union Farm. According to a journal entry dated August 7th, 1765. He goes ahead and says it might have taken a little too long to separate the male and female hemp plant.

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of America he grew hemp in Monticello in Bedford county. He wrote extensively on…

Imperialism is when a country wants to extend its power to another by wanting to have total control over its politics, economy, and territories. Following the defeat of Spain by the USA in the 1899 Spain- American war Spain ceded the Philippines which was their colony. The testimony is a general pro-imperialist as it's clear the US army was ready to do everything in its power to ensure that they in opposition to extend their power to Philippines.

The inhumane ways they treated the people such as the use of the water cure in order to gain a confession, the…

Hemp is biologically classified as cannabis, Cannabis is a group of three plants that have psychoactive properties: cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica and cannabis ruderalis.

It is important to note that hemp produces CBD (cannabidiol) in large qualities.CBD present in hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis this means that the usage or consumption of hemp does not interfere with perception or behavior change in the mind.

The lack of psychoactive capability is because it produces less than 0.3% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).THC is psychoactive therefore, it alters a person's mental state by affecting the brain and nervous system performance. Hemp lacks THC which is the intoxicating property that makes you high.

Paullette Ndungu

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